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Merry Christmas Friends!

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Merry Christmas Friends,   I shall be spending the holidays with quite an assortment of friends and family this year, from the far corners of the world and some places that one would never be able to place upon a map. My humble abode will be chockablock with no less than sixteen people representing six different countries, with the oldest… Read more »

Just in Time for Holiday Wreaths

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Hello all, and thanks for the opportunity to jump in while my Aunt Arabella takes a well deserved respite at her “little country home”. I doubt she remembers where it all begins and ends, but she has told me she has to put together her equally extensive Christmas card list, so I’m happy to check in with an update on… Read more »

How Francesca learned to love Organic Gardening

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Hello to all of my gardening friends here and there across the world. After a year of reading Arabella’s informative posts, its time I muck in and join you in figuring out how exactly my garden grows. I remember as a little girl the Saturday visits to Auntie Arabella’s house. Aside from the ginger biscuits she lovingly baked for us… Read more »

A Bucket of Happiness

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I had a lovely luncheon with a dear friend of my mother’s just this past weekend in Earl’s Court. Our friend gave up her large home years ago after the death of her husband and moved back into the heart of London, which some might say is the reverse of what you are meant to do when retired. I suppose… Read more »

Lucky, lucky you.

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About fourteen months ago we moved into a new house, and a work colleague of my husband’s gave us, as a housewarming gift, a money tree. No, not a tree full of money, sadly, a potted plant of about 14 inches height. He mentioned it was also called a “good luck plant”, and puffing out his chest, decreed we’d certainly… Read more »