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Merry Christmas Friends!

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Merry Christmas Friends,   I shall be spending the holidays with quite an assortment of friends and family this year, from the far corners of the world and some places that one would never be able to place upon a map. My humble abode will be chockablock with no less than sixteen people representing six different countries, with the oldest… Read more »

Just in Time for Holiday Wreaths

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Hello all, and thanks for the opportunity to jump in while my Aunt Arabella takes a well deserved respite at her “little country home”. I doubt she remembers where it all begins and ends, but she has told me she has to put together her equally extensive Christmas card list, so I’m happy to check in with an update on… Read more »

Orchards Ready For Winter

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That wonderful smell in the air just might be gooseberries burning. Not the pies– hopefully a kitchen timer and a watchful child will let you know when those are ready to come out of the oven– but the branches and brambles of this season’s gooseberries are being burnt in anticipation of the winter. I always burn the leftover cuttings from… Read more »


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Is it too late for Clematis? Well, dear readers, I believe we are at what some would call the “do or die” stage. Planting in Zones 6 and 7 (dare I add 8?)  can, and should, commence without haste! If you have clematis waiting around, they may not fare well in pots over the winter. Remember to dig both deep,… Read more »

Get-Well Zinnias

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My poor little daughter has been home sick from school, recovering from a nasty case of the flu. Don’t you love it when people you know, when hearing of a person suffering from such an illness, instantly say, “yes, there is something going around, isn’t there?” Well if that was ever true, it certainly wasn’t on this occasion. My unfortunate… Read more »

Latest News! Early Bird Discount Available – Harrogate Flower Show

16-18 September, Harrogate, UK Harrogate Flower Show Giant vegetables and Master Gardeners will be competing, and the North of England Horticultural Society  will be celebrating their 100th anniversary at this year’s show. Discounts available for tickets bought before the weekend.   Tickets on the day: Adults £14 Friday and Saturday £13 on Sunday Children under 16 go free On… Read more »

Organic Gardening – Make Your Shopping List

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It is time to plan your planting for the winter growing season. Depending where you live, there is enough warmth left in the ground in late September to get another round of vegetables started for the end of the year. Radishes, carrots and turnips do well, also greens like spinach, lettuce and collards. This is the ideal time to plant… Read more »

The Gardener’s Calendar for September

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First, before you plan ahead, register for our drawing for a year-long membership to the National Trust enter the Easy Guide to Organic Gardening prize draw and you could win a Family Yearlong membership to The National Trust. There is no fee to enter, and the winning reader will also receive two essential books – “Easy Gardening with the Cheap… Read more »

Prizes Prizes – Amazing Annual National Trust Family Membership To Be Won

Prizes! Prizes! Dear Readers, you have responded with some interesting tips regarding the cultivation of the fruity vegetable, the veggie of the fruit world– tomatoes. Some of your suggestions tips are below, and also a reminder about our ongoing prize drawing. This is the best kind of drawing in that everyone will receive a prize! One of you lucky lot… Read more »

The National Trust – on us!

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Summer is winding down but that doesn’t mean there aren’t wonderful garden-related activities to do with your family. If you are UK-based, investigate the gorgeous properties and gardens of the National Trust. And until the end of August, take advantage of their family-friend offer and bring two children along for free. For the necessary voucher go to, download and… Read more »