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Orchards Ready For Winter

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That wonderful smell in the air just might be gooseberries burning. Not the pies– hopefully a kitchen timer and a watchful child will let you know when those are ready to come out of the oven– but the branches and brambles of this season’s gooseberries are being burnt in anticipation of the winter. I always burn the leftover cuttings from… Read more »

Organic Gardening – Autumn Jobs

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Fall rapidly approaches and soon you’ll get to put that mower away for the season.  All the husbands in the world can relax for a few months! Have a look at your mower to see if it will be sticking around for another season. Are there any parts rusting, falling off or been kicked too many times by a frustrated… Read more »

Much Mulch

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Soon it will be time to think about mulching. As you indeed are aware, mulch will: • Reduce soil moisture evaporation • Suppress weeds and prevent weed germination • Insulate soil from extreme temperature changes • Reduce soil erosion and compaction • Gradually decompose, adding valuable organic material to the soil • Make your garden more attractive A reader contacted… Read more »