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Is it too late for Clematis? Well, dear readers, I believe we are at what some would call the “do or die” stage. Planting in Zones 6 and 7 (dare I add 8?)  can, and should, commence without haste! If you have clematis waiting around, they may not fare well in pots over the winter.

Remember to dig both deep, and wide, 18inches/45 cm, and since it might be too late to plant an ‘apron’ of a few ground cover plants in front, cover the ground with wood chips, or maybe a few stones.

My favourite type of clematis is the pink asao. I have trained mine up the garden trellis, planting it on the northern side so the roots will stay cool  – heads in the sun, roots in the shade! It is now over 4 foot tall, so get going on yours this weekend.

You can find my complete list of Cheap Lazy Top Ten Clematis on page 59 of my book The Cheap Lazy Gardener.

Love the Life You Life

Arabella May Biddle

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