Dear Top Gardening Friends

One fantastic way of making your organic gardening more easy and relevant to you and your family’s needs is to keep an log or journal even before you start working on your garden, so that you can record all of your results, and the reasons why some things work better than others.

You should for example keep a record of weather conditions in your journal as this will help you recognise conditions that are ideal for growing a particular fruit or vegetable and those that are not so good in the future.

Having a journal in which you record all of your organic gardening activities enables you to modify and improve on your organic gardening techniques and methods in the future.

With a journal or diary in place, the next thing to decide upon is, what you are going to grow?

For example, we have already established that four out of every five organic gardeners grows vegetables. If you are going to do the same because you want to provide healthy, nutritious food for your family, the next thing you need to decide is exactly what to grow.

Although the climate where you live will have a significant impact on what you can and what you cannot raise, there is no point in growing organic fruit or vegetables that nobody likes or eats. If your family loathe broccoli, there is absolutely no point in growing it no matter how nutritious it is as it will only go to waste.

So, list the fruits and/or vegetables that you and your family are most likely to eat because those are the ones to focus your efforts on.

More soonest….

Love the life you live,


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