Dear Organic Gardening Friends and Colleagues, It’s June and finally summer’s lease is really here! Schools out, and minds turn to sport, barbecues, friends and hanging out outside soaking up some sun…….. What better to top all that than luscious, sumptious, nutrition-packed organic strawberries? All that Vitamin C! Fabulous to eat and easy to grow your own – here’s a… Read more »


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Dear Organic Gardening friends, fans and superstars, Another tiny blogette to encourage you in the hot pursuit of wonderful organic gardening for beautiful flowers and nutrition packed organic  fruit and vegetables to lift your hearts, feed the hungry hordes and save both money and the planet….. Summer approaches, and increased warmth and light will result in strong growth.  Strong growth… Read more »

Organic Easter

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Dear Organic Gardening Friends, Fans and Neighbours, Easter and gardens seem to go together.  Easter is a time of rebirth and resurrection and gardens do that all the time.  Natural and organic is going with the seasons, a time for everything.  Death, recycling, rebirth.  It’s inherent in everyone:  you really can’t escape it even if you try your hardest —… Read more »

Fruit And Veg Spring Alert

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Finally there’s some consistent sunshine for more than twenty-four hours and you can feel your garden waking up.  More to the point, it’s now possible to get a spade into the soil and in two shakes fruit trees will burst into bloom.  Before they do, to encourage bags of juicy fruit and nutrition packed vegetables make sure you prune your… Read more »

New Year’s Groundwork

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Dear Organic Gardener, Here we are at the start of a New Year and a new decade — a very good time to kick the credit crunch into touch and look at growing some of your own nutritious vegetables and beautiful flowers. As with so many things, much depends on good groundwork and getting your soil into the right shape… Read more »