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Prizes Prizes – Amazing Annual National Trust Family Membership To Be Won

Prizes! Prizes! Dear Readers, you have responded with some interesting tips regarding the cultivation of the fruity vegetable, the veggie of the fruit world– tomatoes. Some of your suggestions tips are below, and also a reminder about our ongoing prize drawing. This is the best kind of drawing in that everyone will receive a prize! One of you lucky lot… Read more »

Organic Gardening – Letter to the Editor

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Hi there, This addresses two things: you asked readers to send in questions and tips on growing tomatoes, and then I saw your latest posting about growing plants in containers, well, this is real interesting because I have had no luck at all growing tomatoes, in containers, on my decent sized apartment balcony. I follow all of the instructions, they… Read more »


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Dear Top Gardening Friends Checking the e-mailbag and the electronic pile of tweets that we receive here at @Toporganicguru ¬†will show that at this time of year, with the sun shining in most places and big bowls of salad replacing stodgy meals, people are concerned with their tomatoes. We have all planted the seeds in the early spring and then… Read more »