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Orchards Ready For Winter

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That wonderful smell in the air just might be gooseberries burning. Not the pies– hopefully a kitchen timer and a watchful child will let you know when those are ready to come out of the oven– but the branches and brambles of this season’s gooseberries are being burnt in anticipation of the winter. I always burn the leftover cuttings from… Read more »

Harvesting Your Potatoes

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It is time to retrieve those potatoes you planted so long ago! For those of you that didn’t take some “new potatoes” from the ground months ago, it is the peak time, or depending where you live, the last weeks, to dig up your potato bounty. The calendar might say one thing, but check the vines – their yellowing demise… Read more »


Dear Top Gardening Friends So having decided what to grow now you have to plan for harvesting it! You have to give some thought to how you are going to store the foods that you grow. After all, no matter what you grow, the crop will need picking at harvest time, and you are not going to be able to… Read more »