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Wreaths – Not Just for Christmas

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Wreaths aren’t just for Christmas, which is very good news, as there are two …. let’s say, not quite finished… wreaths in our sunroom ,waiting patiently for attention that did not arrive before Christmas. I’m sure you can all relate to the rush that the weeks before Christmas become, and especially this year at our house, as my daughter has… Read more »


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Hello, am interested in the easiest possible planting for this time of year. My neighbour advises shallots, and my wife is excited as she likes to cook with them. Is it too late, and do you have any advice? Gareth, Plymouth, UK I should say not, Gareth, in fact you might even be a bit early. But maybe this weekend… Read more »


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Is it too late for Clematis? Well, dear readers, I believe we are at what some would call the “do or die” stage. Planting in Zones 6 and 7 (dare I add 8?)  can, and should, commence without haste! If you have clematis waiting around, they may not fare well in pots over the winter. Remember to dig both deep,… Read more »



As some of you know, my family and I recently moved into a new home, and one of the selling points of the new house is the abundance of fireplaces. There is a lovely large fireplace in our main living space, and a charmingly squat wood-burning stove in the back addition, where my husband and I share a desk, and… Read more »

Freshen up the windowsill (and your breath) this week

Whether its flat or curly or Dutch, parsley is easy and essential in the organic garden. The intricate little leaves are often used as a garnish (there always seems to be a healthy sprig on the side of each plate in American restaurants) but parsley adds flavor to meat dishes, soups, salads, etc. Dutch parsley, also know quixotically as Hamburg… Read more »

Record Temperatures across the US

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My poor, poor readers in the United States! How much heat can you handle? We received a Tweet from “Anita in Texas” that said she had all but given up, and was never coming out of her air-conditioned home again. Oh the Texas heat! What can you do when it is as hot as Hades? The tomatoes seems to be… Read more »

Organic Gardening – Letter to the Editor

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Hi there, This addresses two things: you asked readers to send in questions and tips on growing tomatoes, and then I saw your latest posting about growing plants in containers, well, this is real interesting because I have had no luck at all growing tomatoes, in containers, on my decent sized apartment balcony. I follow all of the instructions, they… Read more »

How Francesca learned to love Organic Gardening

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Hello to all of my gardening friends here and there across the world. After a year of reading Arabella’s informative posts, its time I muck in and join you in figuring out how exactly my garden grows. I remember as a little girl the Saturday visits to Auntie Arabella’s house. Aside from the ginger biscuits she lovingly baked for us… Read more »

A Bucket of Happiness

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I had a lovely luncheon with a dear friend of my mother’s just this past weekend in Earl’s Court. Our friend gave up her large home years ago after the death of her husband and moved back into the heart of London, which some might say is the reverse of what you are meant to do when retired. I suppose… Read more »

Much Mulch

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Soon it will be time to think about mulching. As you indeed are aware, mulch will: • Reduce soil moisture evaporation • Suppress weeds and prevent weed germination • Insulate soil from extreme temperature changes • Reduce soil erosion and compaction • Gradually decompose, adding valuable organic material to the soil • Make your garden more attractive A reader contacted… Read more »