Organic Easter

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Dear Organic Gardening Friends, Fans and Neighbours,

Easter and gardens seem to go together.  Easter is a time of rebirth and resurrection and gardens do that all the time.  Natural and organic is going with the seasons, a time for everything.  Death, recycling, rebirth.  It’s inherent in everyone:  you really can’t escape it even if you try your hardest — and it’s so much more fun just to run with it!

People grow all kinds of gardens, both literally in the earth and metaphorically in their work, family, friends and lives.  Just in the past month three old friends and relations have died, each having left behind both literal gardens and gardens of friends and families.

Jill Parker, widow of Peter Parker (ex Chairman of British Rail) and mother of Lucy, Alan, Nathanial and Oliver;  Jean Roffe, widow of Patrick Roffe (ex the Gurkhas) and mother of Jacquie, Melloney, Nikki and Kim; and Eileen Lunge, widow of Jeff Lunge (noted Arizona artist) and mother of Nancy and Pam:  three remarkable women whose lives adorned the planet and whose legacy goes on and on.

Isn’t that what we all aim for — to live beloved and die lamented?  And leaving the world a better place for our having been here.

So we cultivate our gardens in all senses.  Making them beautiful and nourishing.  To delight the eye and senses, nourish the body, mind and soul, wholesome for ourselves, our families and friends and neighbours.

You want the best for yourselves and your families and friends — and by extension that takes in everyone on the planet, working away, doing the best that we can.  You put your best effort in:  dig the ditches, prepare the soil, plant the seeds in the best possible places for them, fertilize and water them, and more often than not beautiful flowers and nourishing fruit, vegetables and herbs result.  Sometimes not:  weather lets us down, blight gets a grip, volcanoes erupt, things die.  But they return to the earth and elements — and eventually, one way or another, back to us again.

Rebirth, new adventures, new people, new places, resurrection, recycling,  — new life!!!

Organic gardening for us all.

So – – a glass of organic home brew, fruit juice, nettle beer or champagne  — and a toast to a happy Eastertide and joyful gardens worldwide.

Love the life you live dear friends —

All the very best,

Arabella May Biddle

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