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Hi there, This addresses two things: you asked readers to send in questions and tips on growing tomatoes, and then I saw your latest posting about growing plants in containers, well, this is real interesting because I have had no luck at all growing tomatoes, in containers, on my decent sized apartment balcony. I follow all of the instructions, they get lots of light and it is warm where I live (Tennessee, in the United States). What the heck am I doing wrong?


Hello Becky, wouldn’t it be great if we could solve both of your problems at once! Let’s think about the container that you are using. I’m guessing that you are using a pot or container that provides decent drainage? If not, drill or poke some holes into the container, as I assume it’s not a stone urn, correct? And my experience with using plastic containers was that they can get too hot in late summer, and eventually burned the roots of our tomatoes and peppers plants. Do you have a thermometer available to check on this fairly common problem?

On the other side of the spectrum, there is the rot caused by too much water. Soak those tomato seedlings and then let them dry out for a few days, til they look as thirsty as a sailor. You do not want water bottom pooling, which it can in even the most tidily prepared container.

One more thing, did you begin these plants indoors? The longer they remains indoors, the harder it will be to acclimate them to life on the patio. Avoid full sun and wind when you first move them outside.

Try these primary tactics and report back to your friends at Top Organic Gardening!

Love the life you live,


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